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Reduce Your Stress, Improve Your Health DVD

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Exceptionally Powerful Exercises for Optimal Health
Secrets of the ancient Chinese longevity exercises that combine breath, movement, and imagination are revealed in beautiful clarity on this DVD. Thirteen Daoist Healing Qigong movements and one healing posture are demonstrated by Bradley Gilbert, who is a Master of Medical Qigong.
This one hour film can be viewed in its entirety, or individual exercises can be selected from the well organized DVD menu. Bradley Gilbert explains the value of each exercise before demonstrating it, and each demonstration is presented with a woman's soothing voice providing methodical, thorough instructions.

I especially love the way that this DVD contains an eighteen minute long closing segment in which Bradley Gilbert demonstrates all thirteen healing movements and the healing posture with soothing music and a beautiful outdoor background of trees and hills.

This DVD is ideal for anyone seeking demonstrably better overall health, or for those desiring simple yet powerful techniques to bring healing to specific parts of their body.

The energy I feel during and after doing these exercises is nothing short of extraordinary; I can literally feel my body establishing optimal balance in every way. These exercises deliver exceptionally positive results while requiring only a moderate degree of flexibility and balance.

This no-impact workout is perfect for even the sick and elderly, who can go at their own pace. If you are seeking a simple way to improve every aspect of your health, I can think of nothing better than getting and utilizing Bradley Gilbert's Daoist Healing Qigong DVD. I give it my very highest recommendation.



*****Love This Practice  By seeker

I love that it is set up so that you can do the whole sequence without verbal instruction after you have learned the moves. I don't think that the exercises were hard to learn or do at all. Some were more energetic and others nicely relaxing. A very good balance. I feel very energized and calm at the same time after doing the practice for the first time this morning and will use this DVD alot. Highly recommended!



***** A New Me By J. Keenan

I have been practicing Bradley's Qigong DVD for a couple of months now and it has made a major improvement in my stress levels and overall well being throughout the day. My body feels aligned & rejuvenated when I’ve finished the exercises. It has made a difference in my perception of situations that have made me tense or stressed in the past. It has also helped with physical pain I have had with my back. I like the colorful visualization techniques Bradley has you use with each exercise. I would recommend this video to anyone looking to help their body and spirit.

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